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Have you ever wanted to accentuate a room but you can’t decide how you can make a strong positive impact? If you have a wall that looks bare or perhaps a counter base that looks empty, you can consider installing an in-wall fish tank.

What is an in-wall fish tank?

An in-wall fish tank is a special kind of aquarium mounted or built in onto a wall. It is basically like a normal aquarium, but not as boxy as traditional aquariums are. Physically, it is more often long and narrower than square and compact, but the latter kind of design also exists.

In-wall aquariums can be custom made to fit the size of the wall, and the material used for the aquarium’s body is usually tempered glass which is much stronger than just regular glass. The brackets or aquarium borders can be made from metal or even wood, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

How is an in-wall fish tank installed?

First things first, you need to determine what size you want for your in-wall tank. You can either design your own tank by taking the measurements you want, or choose from the usual tank measurements that most providers offer. These can range from as small as 9-gallon tanks up to the bigger jumbo tanks which can hold up to 50 gallons of water. If designing your own tank would be too laborious, you can just choose from the main sizes that your aquarium provider can give you.

The tank can be installed two ways; in-wall or mounted. Mounted tanks would only extend about 4 inches from your wall and are supported by screwed in brackets. While these mounted tanks also look great, in-wall tanks look more fluid and in-line with your home.

A part of your wall will be carved out to accommodate the tank. You can consult the builder who made your home as to where to best set the aquarium and how to carve inside your wall without damaging the entire wall or cracking it. The tank will be placed without water first, and the trimmings or borders seal in the perimeter of your in-wall tank will be placed. To access the interior of the tank, the uppermost part of the border is usually a flap which you can open to give your fish food and clean the tank out.

Benefits of Having an In-Wall Fish Tank

An in-wall fish tank can create a great focal point for your wall which always looks unique. The moving inhabitants make an impressive kind of live painting that changes every day! Also, they look great in living rooms and can be very relaxing.

The lighting you use for these in-wall tanks can also help set the ambiance of a room, or can be the dim light source when all the other lights are turned off. In-wall tanks are not only pleasing to look at, but they can also serve a functional purpose of being a room’s light source. This additional feature can also help increase the value of a home!

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