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Well let’s face it folks, Buying or selling a home can be a very straining and frustrating process. In reality, the real estate process is intricate and requires a lot of knowledge about the market.

While this is true, some buyers can handle the process alone. However, sometimes the market can be intimidating and as such it’s a smart move to seek the services of a professional real estate agent

Working with an agent can make the process easier, fast, and very beneficial for you saving you both time and money. Well, these are not the only reasons as there are many other benefits that come with hiring a real estate agent.

Below, it’s an in-depth look at some of the top reasons why a real estate agent is an important tool when it comes to finding and purchasing a suitable house that meets your exact needs and budget.

Top Reasons for Hiring an Agent

  1. Exposure to the local real estate market

Agents have the knowledge concerning the real estate market and as such they are up to date on the hottest house offers and the most suitable areas.

Having said the above, the agent guides you the client through the step by step process of buying a house beginning from traversing the real estate market in search of the best real estate companies to the best locations for finding the homes that qualify the standards of the client up to and including the pricing and transaction involved.

  1. Experienced

Purchasing a house is one of the most intimidating experiences that if not handled properly you as the buyer are likely to succumb to pressure and emotions. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire the services of an agent since they have a clear understanding of what the buyer and seller are subjected to.

Furthermore some of the agents might also have been in the same position in the past and it’s likely that they too have made a few purchases on their own.

Therefore, Real estate agents are experts since they deal with numerous clients each with unique needs and requirements to be met by the kind of property presented by the agent hence the agents keep their ears on the ground for the hottest property deals coming up in the real estate market which makes them highly connected and informed on some of the hot deals.

Thus they have a lot of experience not just personally; they also have an experienced eye when it comes to the business portion of a real estate transaction. They have clear judgment, and agents are a seller and buyer’s biggest advocate for a successful negotiation.

  1. Are highly educated

Real estate agents are highly educated in the purchase and sale and of homes. With this in mind, agents can give you the best advice to help you make the informed decisions during the purchase or sale process.

For first time buyer clients an agent is important as he or she educates the clients about the buying procedure which puts the client on the lime light of what they are finding for. These education can be either orally or written form.

For the case of written form it’s usually done through information packages such as brochures, fliers, palmlets, leaflets, bulletins and even booklets containing all the information the buyer client needs to know from the first step all the way to the close of the transaction.

  1. Are highly connected

The real estate transaction process requires a number of professionals and services. From a lender, home inspector, contractors and handymen for repairs, lawyers, and a number of other professionals and tradesmen. Therefore, knowing the right people is beyond important when you want to have a smooth and successful transaction.

Real estate agents are in the business, and their experience has provided them with a number of respectable and dependable contacts and referrals than you won’t find asking friends and family. A ready agent will come prepared with connections and people they are willing to refer because they’ve worked with them in the past and they know their track record.

When you choose to work without an agent, you sacrifice the networking that naturally comes with being a real estate agent. An agent is able to network with other agents in their area to find you the perfect home that fits your criteria and select the best deal for you.

  1. Will Handle the Paperwork

Most agents know their way around all the documents and paperwork required for a sale or purchase of a home because they’ve been through a number of transactions.

From drafting a purchase agreement, to contacting any other agents and the title company, a real estate agent will be able to provide help in the forms of knowledge, time and resources during the real estate transaction process.

Furthermore, agents make it easier for the buyer in search for a home as they make small structured detailed notes of the kind of properties you as the buyer may prefer. The agent then hits the ground running in search of the particular house you’ve specified. This saves time for the client as you do not need to move from place to place searching the markets for what you really desire.

  1. Can offer Financial Advice

Agents are also important when it comes to handling the financial issues. Agents assist you as the buyer client on how to go about the financial transactions of buying a home until the whole process is completed. They offer advice either against or in support of the purchase depending on what the stakes are. This helps you as the buyer client to budget yourself properly without overspending of resources.

The Bottom Line

From the above reasons it’s pretty clear that the benefits that come with working with a real estate agent are many.  It’s also worth noting that agents are paid on commission depending on every successful sale made thus it’s important for a buyer to budget for about 3%-5% commission pay for the agent.

After putting all the above into consideration I would highly recommend seeking the help of an agent when looking for a house as this will save you time, energy and resources.


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