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For Sale by Owner Tips

For Sale by Owner Tips

Owners who sell by themselves often lack the expertise to accurately price a property to sell. You could end up selling for too little even in a strong market. You could find yourself outmatched and outwitted against an experienced agent unless you, too, have strong negotiation skills.

  • Examine the home from a stranger’s point of view before you begin to prepare your house for sale. Ask a friend to help—someone who might be more detached than you are. Ask them to walk through your house and note deficiencies and things that just feel wrong.


  • Consider spending money on improvements. Fixing things that do not work and making repairs before selling can improve your profit, but do not go overboard. The single biggest downfall for sellers is spending a lot of money on repairs that will never be regained.


  • Do not underestimate the power of home staging. It can mean the difference between selling now for more money or not at all. At least get rid of the bulk of your furniture if you cannot afford to hire a professional to handle this for you.


  • Always separate your pets from buyers during showings.


  • Put a lockbox on your premises for easy access by agents.


  • Learn how to hold an open house.


  • Hire a good photographer.


  • Consider targeting buyer’s agents with your marketing and offering additional compensation to lure a buyer’s agent to show your home.


  • Budget for more time than you think.


  • Consider certain seasons to list your house.
Home Inspections, Don’t Be Left Blind!

Home Inspections, Don’t Be Left Blind!

Buying a home is not necessarily always easy, and neither is selling one. However, if the buyers/sellers take all the precautions they need, then it can make the process run much more smoothly. Take a home inspection as an example. Without conducting one, homeowners are left blind to what information may really be hidden in the walls. Whether it is a faulty update or lack of knowledge on the home in general, it is better to save time and worry and have someone look to gather the full information.

It Is a Personal Responsibility

If someone is selling home, it is important to provide any potential buyer with the necessary information he/she needs to make a purchasing decision. The same goes for someone buying the home. That person is entitled to knowing exactly what kind of building they will be investing, and it will save time and money if they find out it will not truly be a good fit in the end.

Illegal Installations/Updates Can be Revealed

Conducting a home inspection will reveal any illegal or faulty errors the building may have gone through during the times of maintenance. It will be beneficial to know these before putting the home on the market and encountering any further problems. Illegal home updates may risk the safety of others, making the home itself a hazard to anyone living there.

Unseen/Unpredictable Problems

The home inspection will also reveal what cannot be so easily seen. Even if a home seemed perfect at the beginning, old age or weathered materials could cause future problems that only a home inspector may be able to find. As an example, the inspector could find wet areas in the building’s interior after a storm, which could lead to mold and mildew forming later.   

Negotiation Tool for Buying and Selling

After knowing new information with a home inspection, this inspection could benefit either the buyer or the seller. If the buyer can find quality updates or more stability in the home than before, the home has the potential to increase in value. Although, if the buyer finds a few faults with the potential new home, there may be room to negotiate a lower price.  


In some instances, homes will not be able to get the proper insurance if certain conditions are found. By getting a home inspection, the homeowner will know what he/she needs to do to get the building fixed to obtain the right coverage. Sometimes, the home inspector himself can make these changes, which will save time and money.

Maintenance Costs

If someone is buying the home, it is important for the buyer to have an inspection conducted because it will reveal all needs for maintenance or upgrade costs. This will then give the buyer direction to see if the home is worth purchasing when compared to all the extra money needing to be spent due to these expenses. If it is the seller, he/she will have to compare how the money being invested in these upgrades compares to the profits after the home is finally sold.

Direct Answers

Most importantly, a home inspection will provide several answers to all who are speculating and asking the “what ifs”. This is a service that will provide clarity, saving time and money. It will hopefully also bring buyers and sellers closer to meeting their real estate goals.  





Learn How The Real Estate Industry Has Developed

Learn How The Real Estate Industry Has Developed

Real estate is not what it first appeared to be a few years ago. Like any industry, it grows and changes with a target market’s wants and needs. It also rapidly evolves with the technology that becomes available to it. Although real estate may have changed in the last few years, it has done so for the benefit of all buyers and sellers in the market. By looking at a few key technological updates, we’re able to grasp exactly how one of the most lucrative industries has developed.

Online listings

With the power of being plugged in online, listings have the ability to sell themselves without the buyer having to actually be present. This especially caters to international buyers who are unable to make the trip to see their new home. By listers uploading pictures/videos appealing to the potential buyer, there is able to be an accurate virtual representation. If seeing the home through photos/pre-made videos aren’t enough, then real estate agents have the ability to chat over the phone via video and walk the potential buyer through the home in a personalized manner. This is a perfect way for the buyer to see and ask questions about anything they were originally hesitant about at the beginning. When listings are offered online, deals are more likely to close faster, and the lister will have the opportunity to sell more over a shorter period of time.


Nowadays the buyer or seller don’t necessarily have to be present to close the deal, which will save time and money for both parties. With the advancement in technology, important contract papers are able to be scanned through from the comfort of a phone. Again, this is a great factor for those who live internationally because those people won’t keep having to travel back and forth. This may help those who only live in a different borough because it will save the normal commuting time.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Sometimes, seeing isn’t always believing when it comes to a new home. Potential buyers like to feel as if they’re really there to grasp the full experience. With the enhancement of virtual/augmented reality, that same buyer will have the capability to visit another home from the comfort of their current living room. This type of technology reality is much newer to the market, but it has been able to build trust and add credibility to those who don’t always believe a simple picture.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a clear game changer to the market. Now sellers have the ability to upload listings on more than one platform, giving the home far more exposure than it once was able.This benefits the potential buyers in the same way. They are able to look at several listings at once, giving them more options.

Online Investing

With the mobilization of different online platforms, people now have more of an opportunity to invest their money safely online with a guaranteed return. One of the many ways investors are doing this is through crowdfunding. There happen to be several crowdfunding sites available that will match investors with new opportunities that will benefit them the best.


With the advancement in technology, marketing has changed immensely over the past few years. As an example, Instagram users have been creating different profiles specific to homes they’re renting or selling. This has allowed them to showcase the home in a unique way and highlight all of its unique features. By marketing in this way, a large audience may be reached and the platform has encouraged a larger engagement record.

Preparing for Spring – Get Your Landscaping Up to Par

Preparing for Spring – Get Your Landscaping Up to Par

Preparing for Spring – How to Get Your Landscaping Up to Par
When the winter months start to fade away, the spring rolls in and you really have to make sure that your lawn is ready for it. The landscaping of your home is really important, not only when it comes to the visual appeal of your home, but also when it comes to the value of your home. So, whether you just want your home to look great for the summer months, or you are trying to prepare it to be sold, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Get Rid of Fallen Branches and Leaves

During the winter months, there are likely to be a lot of leaves and brittle branches that fall off of the trees that surround your home. They can really take away from the beauty of your property. It is a good idea for you to go through and collect these branches and rake up the leaves so that you can begin to prepare your grass and plants for the upcoming spring and summer months. It isn’t something that you will want to skimp on, because it will just continue to get worse. Some people rake throughout the fall and winter, just to make sure that they don’t have a mess when spring comes.

Add Fertilizer to Strengthen Lawn
Next, you will want to add a quality fertilizer to your lawn. This will help to give it strength and really allow it to grow when the weather starts to get warm. During the winter, your grass really takes a beating from the harsh weather conditions, especially if you live in the colder regions. The fertilizer can bring it back to life and make it look vibrant again. Organic fertilizers are best, because they allow you to stay away from harsh chemicals that can be bad for the environment.

Treat for Weeds

Finally, you will want to make sure that you treat for weeds. You should do this before you start to plant any flowers. Weeds can really start to take over your lawn if you aren’t careful, and it can make it look grown up and unkempt. There are a variety of different weed removing options for you to choose from. Just remember, you don’t want to get something that is going to cause detrimental effects on the rest of your lawn. You really just want to get rid of the weeds.
If you use these tips to help make your lawn look great, then you will be able to go into the Spring months with a lawn that is sure to impress. If you skip out on these things, then it may be more difficult for you to get things where you want them when summer rolls around. This should be done around the end of March for the best results. After all, winter can really do some damage to your lawn and you will need to liven it back up.

The Benefits of Having Alarm Systems in Your Home

The Benefits of Having Alarm Systems in Your Home

When it comes to your home, you need to make sure that it is safe and secure.  This is not only true for people that plan to live in their home for years to come, but also for those that are looking to sell their home sometime in the future.  There are a lot of different types of alarm systems for you to choose from, but you need to first take a look at the benefits that come along with it. You may think that it is just what you need for your home.

Keep Your Belongings Protected

First, it will help to keep your belongings protected.  Some alarm systems will actually be tied into your local emergency personnel units, and they will be dispatched if the alarm is set off.  It will set off if there is a fire, or if someone tries to break into your home.  Without an alarm, if someone were to break in they could just simply get away with taking everything that you own.  If a fire were to happen, and a smoke detector didn’t send out the signal for help, then you could lose everything to fire.  An alarm system is the best way to stay protected.

Get a Discount on Your Homeowners Insurance

Some people will find that they are able to get a discount on their homeowners insurance if they have alarm systems installed as well.  This is just an added benefit that you receive from these insurance companies.  They can give you the discounts, because they feel that with an alarm you will have a much lower chance of having to make a claim.  That means that you pay lower premiums, and these savings can really add up over time.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Finally, you will find that alarm systems can help to add value to your home.  This is really important if you are getting ready to put your home on the housing market.  After all, it definitely makes the home more attractive to a potential buyer.  They will be glad that the home already has added security, and this can really prove to be great when it comes time to sell.  They will likely be willing to offer close to your asking price, so you don’t have to go through the process of having so many counter offers.  This is just one thing to consider when it comes to alarm systems in your home.

As you can see, alarm systems can actually prove to be quite beneficial for your home.  Whether you are just looking to protect yourself and your belongings, or you want to save money or make your home more valuable, then you will want to get a professional alarm system installed.  You should also get a monthly service to ensure that it is monitored at all times, even when you are not at home.  This is just as important as having the alarm system installed.

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