10 + 1 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

10 + 1 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

Moving from an old home to a new place can be exciting yet tedious. The move becomes exciting when well-planned and executed but the opposite when done impromptu. Moving entails a lot more than you could ever imagine. Packing and hiring a truck can take a toll on you, however, your approach and preparedness towards it can reduce the burden.

Here are some tips to make your move more comfortable and exciting.

1. Schedule your move
When do you want to move? Plan the time you want to move and prepare accordingly to avoid unnecessary delay and procrastination.

2. Place items you will need first in clear plastic containers
At your destination, you will immediately need items like scissors, cutters, some eating bowls, and phone charger, etc. so pack these items in clear plastic for easy identification.

3. Acquiring packing boxes
One of the first steps to ensuring an easy move is acquiring packing boxes for your smaller belongings. You can acquire boxes from warehouses, retail outlets, and grocery stores, etc.

4. Labeling your boxes
Labeling your boxes according to their contents is essential for easy identification. So for instance, you can categories the boxes into clothing, jewelry, appliances, kitchen sets, and other accessories. This will reduce future stress when searching for a particular item.

5. Make an emergency luggage
We always wish for the best, but also prepare for the worse. You planned to get to your new destination at a set time, but long traffic and other emergencies beyond your control can prolong that scheduled time. Therefore, having an emergency luggage becomes essential. The emergency luggage can contain your bath set, toiletries, clothes for the evening and next day and other necessities.

6. Sort your items
Don’t just mix up things because you are in a haste. Carefully sort your belongings according to their categories. Sort kitchen items into breakables and unbreakables. That means glasses and plates should be in a separate box and well cushioned to prevent breaking. Pack all the breakable dishes vertically to keep them more secure. Other cooking utensils and unbreakable can be in a separate box.

Also, separate your office dresses from your casual and daily wears for easy access in case you need them. In addition, don’t mix up the belongings of different people. Each member of the family should pack their properties separately. For instance, mommy and daddy’s belongings shouldn’t be in the same place.
As mentioned above, jewelry and other dressing accessories must be in a separate box. Before packing, you can wrap your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in toilet rolls.

7. Keep drawer items in them
Unless you want to discard a drawer, don’t remove the things in them. Instead, lock or wrap them with plastic wrap. Items in your drawers will be just fine when properly wrapped.

8. Keep liquids separate
Avoid staining your belongings with liquids like cooking oil, and soaps among others. Pack all liquids in one box and cover their openings with tapes. Also, note that strongly scented liquids should be packed separately.

9. Discard unused items
As you move to a new place, you may have some stuff that are of no use anymore. They can be old furniture, electronic appliance, or clothes. Don’t bear the burden of transporting those items to your new place. Donate or discard them

10. Ask for help from friends
The best farewell your friends can give you is helping you pack your belongings into your hired truck. This gesture will save you from hiring movers, which comes at a cost. This can also be the time to share memories and receive special and passionate farewells from all loved ones.

Take a photograph
You can’t leave your old home without taking a picture of it. If not for nothing, it will serve as a memory. Don’t forget also to take photographs with your friends and neighbors. Good memories are shared in pictures.

A well-planned move should not bring you undue stress and anxiety. It should instead be one of your fondest memories. Before you even think of moving, prepare and get all your needed materials intact to make the procedure a smooth one.

Walt Whitman Museum

Walt Whitman Museum

An Overview of the Walt Whitman Museum

The Walt Whitman Museum is a historic site located in New York.  It was first declared a historic site in 1957.  This museum allows you to basically hear the voice of Walt Whitman to this day, and you can really take a look into his vision of democracy, creativity and diversity.  They have various programs, including education programs for young poets, and poets of all ages for that matter.  It is a place where poets and writers can get inspiration that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Who is Walt Whitman?

First, we will take a look at Walt Whitman, and who he was in history.  He was a poet that was born in New York in May of 1819.  He starting writing poetry at an early age, and he made journalism a full time career in 1841.  He contiWalt Whitman Museumnued writing through 1859, and has written many authentic pieces.  His most famous work was a collection of poems called ‘Leaves of Grass’.  In this collection, he has been able to inspire a lot of poets and writers, and thus has made his mark in literary history.

About the Programs

There are several different educational programs for you to consider at the Walt Whitman Museum.  For Pre-K through second grade, they offer the ‘See and Touch’ program.  This will allow them to tour the home and learn more about the life of Walt Whitman.  They can also play games.  For children in grades 3 through 6, there is the ‘Explore’ program.  This program allows children to experience view and discuss various exhibits throughout the museum through an interpretive tour.  In the ‘Create and Explore’ program, children in grades 3 through 8 will also get to go into the poetry writing workshop to learn more about writing so that they can enhance their skills.

A more advanced program is available for grades 9 through 12, where students are able to tour the museum and look in-depth at everything they have to offer.  They can also learn how to express their feelings through words, which is really an added bonus.  Finally, you have the ‘Discover’ program, which is basically the program that is designed for people that have special needs.  It turns learning into fun, and can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Becoming a Member

If you would like to become a member of the Walt Whitman Museum, you can do that as well.  This allows you to get a 10% discount on purchases made in the shop, and also gives you free admission to the museum.  There are various types of memberships, including individual, student and family.

Scheduling Your Visit

If you would just like to visit, you can schedule your visit in advance to ensure that you have the best possible experience.  You can call them at (631) 427 – 5240.  You can also take a look at their upcoming events by going to their website at www.waltwhitman.org so that you can see what they have going on.

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

Renting versus buying, that has long been the question so many potential homeowners ask themselves. If you don’t know the reasons to buy a home yourself, then you need to remember everything you read here. An investment in a home is one of the best investments that you will ever make, so don’t wait too long to buy something of your own.

When renting you are forfeiting all the money that you pay for rent. On the other hand, when you buy a home you pay the bank a certain amount of money in interest. Although both of these don’t sound too good, the bank won’t charge you very much and because of that it makes it easier for you to get into a home.

Benefits Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

Paying Towards Ownership – When buying a home all of your payments go towards home ownership. Yes, you have to pay interest on the money that you borrowed to pay for the home, but that interest is all part of the home ownership contract. When you rent a property you will find that the money you pay each month is more of a waste of money than anything else.

Ability To Renovate To Add Value – Do you have a passion for fixing things? Maybe you like the idea of being able to upgrade a bathroom or kitchen in order to add value to the property. Adding value to a property only happens when you own it, as a renter you don’t have the permission needed to make substantial changes to the property in which you don’t own.money

Can Turn Home Into A Rental – Did you know that you can turn your home into a rental if you want to? Did you also know that you can’t take somebody else’s rental and turn that into your own home? What you need to understand is that as a homeowner you have more options than you would if you rented the same place. Keep that in mind because that is part of the reason so many people don’t want to rent.

It’s Yours – As a homeowner, you get to make all the decisions about that particular property. Most people don’t understand that they can do whatever they want to their home if they would like to. If you want to paint the walls pink and put Velcro on the floors then you can do that. The home is yours, so you can do what you want to it, when you feel like doing it.

If you have been struggling with the question of buying versus renting then just know one thing, when you buy a home it can’t be taken away from you without your consent. The same thing can’t be said for somebody that is renting a property.

In conclusion, renting a home is great for people that can’t afford a mortgage payment at the moment, but do whatever you can to get yourself into a house of your own as quickly as possible.

Tips for Buying Your First Home

Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be really fun and exciting, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of stress. You shouldn’t allow it to be something that just makes you worry and consume yourself in stress. It should be pleasant. The good news is that there are a few tips that can help you out when it comes to buying your home, and having a great experience with it. It is something that you will never forget. Here’s some advice for you.
Don’t Buy the First House You See
When you first start your search, you are bound to see a lot of houses that really catch your eye. Sometimes, you may be tempted to buy the first house that you come to just because you really like it. While it may cut back on your stress and stop the search, it isn’t always the best idea. Chances are if you keep looking you will find one that you like even better. It sometimes takes a bit of patience when looking for your first home. While you may be excited about it, don’t jump the gun.

Be Willing to Negotiate
You should also be willing to negotiate on the price. Most people will have a list price for a home, but this day and age some people just refuse to pay the list price. You can make an offer, and they will either accept it, reject it, or provide a counter offer. Negotiating is really just part of the real estate game. You have to be willing to negotiate some, but you don’t want to accept a counter offer that is not going to be something that you can afford. This is really something that you have to be careful about.
Use a Realtor to Help You
One of the best things that you can do as a first time home buyer is seek the help of a realtor. They will be able to show you a variety of home listings for sale, and you can take a look at what best suits your needs. They can help you learn more about neighborhoods, school districts, and other demographics about the area. They can also help you to narrow down your search by finding something in your price range that is the size that you need, and offers the amenities that you are looking for in your first house.
As you can see, if you take your time to find the perfect home, negotiate the price just right, and hire a realtor to help you with the legalities of the purchase, you are sure to have a great experience with it. Just remember, you don’t want to rush into it. There are a lot of homes in your area to choose from, and there is sure to be one that will be just right for you. You just have to keep your eyes open for the one that really looks and feels like home to you.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Importance of a Carbon Monoxide Detector

In this day and age, we have all types of detectors in our homes.  We have fire detectors, burglar detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, among others.  Many will say that all of these are equally important, and while that may be the case- you don’t want to be without the carbon monoxide detector.  Carbon monoxide is colorless odorless and you really can’t tell when it is in your home, yet it can kill you.  Here are a few reasons why you should get a carbon monoxide detector for your home. 

Keeps Your Family Safe

When it comes down to it, you really have to keep your family safe.  As stated earlier, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless.  When it is in your home, the only way for you to tell is through the use of a carbon monoxide detector.  In fact, there are many people whose lives have been saved by having one of those detectors.  If you don’t have a detector, it could result kidde_KN-COPP-B-LS_2fin death.  It is a silent killer, and you really don’t know that it is there until its too late if you don’t have a way to detect it. 

Gives You Peace of Mind

You will also find that it helps to give you added peace of mind.  When you and your family go to bed at night, you will not have to worry about whether you will be a victim of carbon monoxide.  All the time, we hear on the news about people who sadly passed away because of carbon monoxide.  With a detector, you can go to bed at night with the peace of knowing that you are protected.  It really does help to alleviate some of your concerns. 

In-Wall Fish Tank

In-Wall Fish Tank

Spice up a Room with an In-Wall Fish Tank


Have you ever wanted to accentuate a room but you can’t decide how you can make a strong positive impact? If you have a wall that looks bare or perhaps a counter base that looks empty, you can consider installing an in-wall fish tank.

What is an in-wall fish tank?

An in-wall fish tank is a special kind of aquarium mounted or built in onto a wall. It is basically like a normal aquarium, but not as boxy as traditional aquariums are. Physically, it is more often long and narrower than square and compact, but the latter kind of design also exists.

In-wall aquariums can be custom made to fit the size of the wall, and the material used for the aquarium’s body is usually tempered glass which is much stronger than just regular glass. The brackets or aquarium borders can be made from metal or even wood, depending on the preference of tin wall fish tank1he homeowner.

How is an in-wall fish tank installed?

First things first, you need to determine what size you want for your in-wall tank. You can either design your own tank by taking the measurements you want, or choose from the usual tank measurements that most providers offer. These can range from as small as 9-gallon tanks up to the bigger jumbo tanks which can hold up to 50 gallons of water. If designing your own tank would be too laborious, you can just choose from the main sizes that your aquarium provider can give you.

The tank can be installed two ways; in-wall or mounted. Mounted tanks would only extend about 4 inches from your wall and are supported by screwed in brackets. While these mounted tanks also look great, in-wall tanks look more fluid and in-line with your home.

A part of your wall will be carved out to accommodate the tank. You can consult the builder who made your home as to where to best set the aquarium and how to carve inside your wall without damaging the entire wall or cracking it. The tank will be placed without water first, and the trimmings or borders seal in the perimeter of your in-wall tank will be placed. To access the interior of the tank, the uppermost part of the border is usually a flap which you can open to give your fish food and clean the tank out.

Benefits of Having an In-Wall Fish Tank

An in-wall fish tank can create a great focal point for your wall which always looks unique. The moving inhabitants make an impressive kind of live painting that changes every day! Also, they look great in living rooms and can be very relaxing.

The lighting you use for these in-wall tanks can also help set the ambience of a room, or can be the dim light source when all the other lights are turned off. In-wall tanks are not only pleasing to look at, but they can also serve a functional purpose of being a room’s light source. This additional feature can also help increase the value of a home!

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