The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition

The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition

The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights:

  • Heading into 2020, interest rates are projected to increase steadily.
  • The more money you will end up paying for your home and the higher your monthly payment will be, the higher your interest rate.
  • Rates are still low right now so don’t wait until they hit 5% to start searching for your dream home!
Monster Mini and Golf Glow-Long Island’s Glowing Miniature Golf Courses

Monster Mini and Golf Glow-Long Island’s Glowing Miniature Golf Courses

Monster Mini Indoor Golf Course                                                                        

If you’re looking for some place spooky, fun and invigorating all at the same time, then there is nothing better than the Monster Mini golf course. Located in Deer Park, Suffolk County, the Monster Mini golf course offers a creepy and thrilling indoor experience. The place is ideal for kids, especially if it is their birthday. And, it glows in the dark!

The decorations at the place gives it a sweet look. The monster theme adds a bit of a thrill to the place and the decor is quite suited to the overall context of the indoor golf course design.

The staff is friendly and accommodating. It is truly a state-of-the-art facility with climate control, decorated with luminescent black lights that glow in the dark.             

The facility is an 18-hole mini golf course that provides a strong sense of adventure. However, it isn’t just a mini golf course. The place also has a video game arcade, mini bowling alleys, a laser maze, glow-in-the-dark mini laser tag, and a prize center.

There is no question it’s a one-stop avenue for having some fun. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you will definitely have the time of your life playing some glow-in-the-dark golf. And since it is indoors and air conditioned, there is not much you can ask for. Take your kids with you, or plan a school trip with your students, the Monster Mini golf course caters to all.

They also have private event rooms that have Haunted Mansion themes where management can organizes birthday parties.

Golf Glow

Located in East Garden City, in Roosevelt Field Mall, Golf Glow is an exciting and fun mini glow in the dark golf course. You can find it at the kids play area in the mall, right next to Lens Crafter. It is a real stress reliever, especially when you have kids with you, so just get a club and start playing!

The 27-hole mini golf course is completely dark with dark light, so you will not be playing in any natural light – which adds a bit of thrill to everything. The golf course is set through a series of twisted hallways and rooms and every hole provides a different playing experience. There are mini windmills you play through, as well as motorized blocks and inclines, etc. There is even an anti-gravity loop-the-loop.

With virtually no light, you are going to have to navigate through the entire golf course via the glow-in-the dark arrows. And remember it’s like a maze! Plus, there are some surprises there too; you can win a glowing treat if you manage to put a shot through the Plinko-style hole.

Once you become better at putting holes, you can test your mettle against the three difficulties at the laser maze. Your kid is going to have to cross the laser maze without setting a laser off, which is tough! All in all, a fun and memorable experience.

Bethpage Ballpark: Home Of The Long Island Ducks

Bethpage Ballpark: Home Of The Long Island Ducks

One of the most famous ballparks in the US, Bethpage Ballpark, is in Suffolk county, New York. Boasting 6,002 seats, it is an avant-garde facility that the Long Island Ducks proudly call their home. Bethpage ballpark opened for business back in 2000 and saw a staggering reception of fans and games throughout. Since its opening, the ballpark has welcomed more than seven million fans and has experienced a sellout more than 670 times.

Among a slew of the ballpark’s modern amenities and features, the place offers twenty luxurious VIP suites, a huge restaurant bar with a 126-seating capacity and a batting tunnel indoors.

Before the ballpark was fully constructed, the management decided to name it Suffolk County Sports Park. However, during the same year, the EAB, short for (European American Bank) bought the naming rights. They renamed the stadium “EAB Park” when it was inaugurated in 2000. However, in 2001, the name was changed again when Citibank bought the stadium from EAB. And in 2001, it was renamed to Citibank Park.

In 2010 however, the BFCU (Bethpage Federal Credit Union) invested in the ballpark and became increasingly involved. With the agreement, the BFCU changed the name of the stadium from Citibank Park to Bethpage Ballpark. Moreover, the BFCU has the rights to the name of the stadium.

Fast forward to 2017, Steve Bellone, who was one of the Suffolk county executives, and was also the representative of the Long Island Ducks as well as the Department of Public Works, proposed an innovative plan to revamp the stadium’s lighting system. He introduced the LED field lighting integration for Bethpage ballpark.

With LED-powered lighting becoming the primary source of lighting in the playing field, the 2000-watt metal Halide bulbs which were used since the ballpark’s inauguration, were removed. This was a great idea when you talk about energy savings. Not to mention, the new LED lights offered better illumination for both fans and players.

Furthermore, enhancements like getting Kentucky Bluegrass for the playing field and revamping the luxury VIP boxes, and more enhancements to the restaurant bar were done in 2017. The Bethpage ballpark has been home to more than a thousand mainstream events since 1999. The ballpark welcomes all manner of sports events such as lacrosse, professional soccer, charitable concerts and events, corporate seminars and events, high school baseball, youth clinics and camps, Freedom Fest concerts, three Atlantic League (All-star) games in 2002, 2010 and 2018.

An independent and professional baseball team, the Long Island Ducks (a.k.a Quacker Jacks) forms a major part of the ALPB (Atlantic League of Professional Baseball). The team was named after the animal primarily because duck farming was a major industry in Long Island.

The ballpark is located at 3 Court House Dr, Central Islip, NY 11722, USA.

10 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

10 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

Moving from an old home to a new place can be exciting yet tedious. The move becomes exciting when well-planned and executed but the opposite when done impromptu. Moving entails a lot more than you could ever imagine. Packing and hiring a truck can take a toll on you, however, your approach and preparedness towards it can reduce the burden.

Here are some tips to make your move more comfortable and exciting.

1. Schedule your move
When do you want to move? Plan the time you want to move and prepare accordingly to avoid unnecessary delay and procrastination.

2. Place items you will need first in clear plastic containers
At your destination, you will immediately need items like scissors, cutters, some eating bowls, and phone charger, etc. so pack these items in clear plastic for easy identification.

3. Acquiring packing boxes
One of the first steps to ensuring an easy move is acquiring packing boxes for your smaller belongings. You can acquire boxes from warehouses, retail outlets, and grocery stores, etc.

4. Labeling your boxes
Labeling your boxes according to their contents is essential for easy identification. So for instance, you can categories the boxes into clothing, jewelry, appliances, kitchen sets, and other accessories. This will reduce future stress when searching for a particular item.

5. Make an emergency luggage
We always wish for the best, but also prepare for the worse. You planned to get to your new destination at a set time, but long traffic and other emergencies beyond your control can prolong that scheduled time. Therefore, having an emergency luggage becomes essential. The emergency luggage can contain your bath set, toiletries, clothes for the evening and next day and other necessities.

6. Sort your items
Don’t just mix up things because you are in a haste. Carefully sort your belongings according to their categories. Sort kitchen items into breakables and unbreakable. That means glasses and plates should be in a separate box and well cushioned to prevent breaking. Pack all the breakable dishes vertically to keep them more secure. Other cooking utensils and unbreakable can be in a separate box.

Also, separate your office dresses from your casual and daily wears for easy access in case you need them. In addition, don’t mix up the belongings of different people. Each member of the family should pack t

heir properties separately. For instance, mommy and daddy’s belongings shouldn’t be in the same place.

As mentioned above, jewelry and other dressing accessories must be in a separate box. Before packing, you can wrap your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in toilet rolls.

7. Keep drawer items in them
Unless you want to discard a drawer, don’t remove the things in them. Instead, lock or wrap them with plastic wrap. Items in your drawers will be just fine when properly wrapped.

8. Keep liquids separate

Avoid staining your belongings with liquids like cooking oil, and soaps among others. Pack all liquids in one box and cover their openings with tapes. Also, note that strongly scented liquids should be packed separately.

9. Discard unused items
As you move to a new place, you may have some stuff that are of no use anymore. They can be old furniture, electronic appliance, or clothes. Don’t bear the burden of transporting those items to your new place. Donate or discard them

10. Ask for help from friends
The best farewell your friends can give you is helping you pack your belongings into your hired truck. This gesture will save you from hiring movers, which comes at a cost. This can also be the time to share memories and receive special and passionate farewells from all loved ones.

Take a photograph
You can’t leave your old home without taking a picture of it. If not for nothing, it will serve as a memory. Don’t forget also to take photographs with your friends and neighbors. Good memories are shared in pictures.

A well-planned move should not bring you undue stress and anxiety. It should instead be one of your fondest memories. Before you even think of moving, prepare and get all your needed materials intact to make the procedure a smooth one.

Walt Whitman Museum

Walt Whitman Museum

An Overview of the Walt Whitman Museum

The Walt Whitman Museum is a historic site located in New York.  It was first declared a historic site in 1957.  This museum allows you to basically hear the voice of Walt Whitman to this day, and you can really take a look into his vision of democracy, creativity and diversity.  They have various programs, including education programs for young poets, and poets of all ages for that matter.  It is a place where poets and writers can get inspiration that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Who is Walt Whitman?

First, we will take a look at Walt Whitman, and who he was in history.  He was a poet that was born in New York in May of 1819.  He starting writing poetry at an early age, and he made journalism a full time career in 1841.  He continued writing through 1859, and has written many authentic pieces.  His most famous work was a collection of poems called ‘Leaves of Grass’.  In this collection, he has been able to inspire a lot of poets and writers, and thus has made his mark in literary history.

About the Programs

There are several different educational programs for you to consider at the Walt Whitman Museum.  For Pre-K through second grade, they offer the ‘See and Touch’ program.  This will allow them to tour the home and learn more about the life of Walt Whitman.  They can also play games.  For children in grades 3 through 6, there is the ‘Explore’ program.  This program allows children to experience view and discuss various exhibits throughout the museum through an interpretive tour.  In the ‘Create and Explore’ program, children in grades 3 through 8 will also get to go into the poetry writing workshop to learn more about writing so that they can enhance their skills.

A more advanced program is available for grades 9 through 12, where students are able to tour the museum and look in-depth at everything they have to offer.  They can also learn how to express their feelings through words, which is really an added bonus.  Finally, you have the ‘Discover’ program, which is basically the program that is designed for people that have special needs.  It turns learning into fun, and can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Becoming a Member

If you would like to become a member of the Walt Whitman Museum, you can do that as well.  This allows you to get a 10% discount on purchases made in the shop, and also gives you free admission to the museum.  There are various types of memberships, including individual, student and family.

Scheduling Your Visit

If you would just like to visit, you can schedule your visit in advance to ensure that you have the best possible experience.  You can call them at (631) 427 – 5240.  You can also take a look at their upcoming events by going to their website at so that you can see what they have going on.

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

The Benefit Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

Renting versus buying, that has long been the question so many potential homeowners ask themselves. If you don’t know the reasons to buy a home yourself, then you need to remember everything you read here. An investment in a home is one of the best investments that you will ever make, so don’t wait too long to buy something of your own.

When renting you are forfeiting all the money that you pay for rent. On the other hand, when you buy a home you pay the bank a certain amount of money in interest. Although both of these don’t sound too good, the bank won’t charge you very much and because of that it makes it easier for you to get into a home.

Benefits Of Buying A Home Versus Renting

Paying Towards Ownership – When buying a home all of your payments go towards home ownership. Yes, you have to pay interest on the money that you borrowed to pay for the home, but that interest is all part of the home ownership contract. When you rent a property you will find that the money you pay each month is more of a waste of money than anything else.

Ability To Renovate To Add Value – Do you have a passion for fixing things? Maybe you like the idea of being able to upgrade a bathroom or kitchen in order to add value to the property. Adding value to a property only happens when you own it, as a renter you don’t have the permission needed to make substantial changes to the property in which you don’t

Can Turn Home Into A Rental – Did you know that you can turn your home into a rental if you want to? Did you also know that you can’t take somebody else’s rental and turn that into your own home? What you need to understand is that as a homeowner you have more options than you would if you rented the same place. Keep that in mind because that is part of the reason so many people don’t want to rent.

It’s Yours – As a homeowner, you get to make all the decisions about that particular property. Most people don’t understand that they can do whatever they want to their home if they would like to. If you want to paint the walls pink and put Velcro on the floors then you can do that. The home is yours, so you can do what you want to it, when you feel like doing it.

If you have been struggling with the question of buying versus renting then just know one thing, when you buy a home it can’t be taken away from you without your consent. The same thing can’t be said for somebody that is renting a property.

In conclusion, renting a home is great for people that can’t afford a mortgage payment at the moment, but do whatever you can to get yourself into a house of your own as quickly as possible.

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