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Top 5 Values of a Real Estate Agent

Top 5 Values of a Real Estate Agent

In the world of real estate, there are a couple of people whom are key players. Ranging from appraisals, home inspectors, property managers, mortgage loan officers, contractors, bankers and even government agencies; there are usually many people playing important roles in the real estate industry including the prospective buyers and sellers. But it is important to note that the real powerhouse of a standard real estate transaction are those people in charge of the coordination process: real estate agents and real estate brokers!

On different occasions and for different reasons, a real estate agent works at different points: salesperson, buyers’s advocate, analyst, consultant, negotiator or even as a marketer. Below are the top 5 values and qualities that a great real estate agent should possess:

  • Enhanced Knowledge Bank

Successful real estate agents are usually up-to-date in the realm of real estate agency. They’re very active in the local market as this is the reason they are always able to render effective services to their clients. Their educational and professional development is continuous giving them the opportunity to expand their businesses and remain atop the real estate industry. If you emulate and develop a flair for knowledge acquisition, then, on the long run, you would definitely achieve a very positive value which would boost your presence and upgrade your relevance in the world of real estate.

  • Building a Network of Connections

In the world of real estate agency, building a vast array and network of connections is highly important. Great real estate agaents usually possess relevant communications and networking skills within the market they work. Obviously, the aforesaid list of connection usually include several other real estate agents and brokers, potential buyers and sellers, appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan officers and other role players in the industry.

  • A Problem Solving Mindset

One key thing that work and contributes to the values of a great real estate agent is having a problem solving mindset. Real estate agents are usually positive thinkers who provide creative solutions to problems via optimism and critical thinking. For instance, they are well-learned on how to appropriately come up with creative solutions and showcase a house in order to make it more marketable while they also generate and build impressive MLS listings that would attract the appropriate buyer.

  • Hustling Spirit and Tenacity

The real estate industry is really a no joke. To become a top reckoned and great real estate agent, it requires that you possess a tough hustling spirit, mental grit and tenacity. This is because you will be required to put in a great work ethic and purse every lead to aggressively market the properties of your clients. It’s not all about the time you expend, rather about how right and smart you’ve successfully worked to be a great agent in the industry.

  • Paying Close Attention to Detail

If you want to be a great and successful real estate agent, it’s quite important that you have good listening ears and pay attention to details. This is very important to your career in real estate industry. A good agent is very attentive to the essential needs of his or her clients’and must be well-organized, follow leads and maintain a very strong communication with clients. With these, more deals are assured to be closed and more relevance, ascertained.

Conclusively, it is quite imperative to know that the above listed values are those of a great real estate agent, and if they are inclucated and put into good use, you’re rest assured to become a top relevant and very successful agent in the real estate industry.

10 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

10 Tips To Make Moving Easy and Exciting

Moving from an old home to a new place can be exciting yet tedious. The move becomes exciting when well-planned and executed but the opposite when done impromptu. Moving entails a lot more than you could ever imagine. Packing and hiring a truck can take a toll on you, however, your approach and preparedness towards it can reduce the burden.

Here are some tips to make your move more comfortable and exciting.

1. Schedule your move
When do you want to move? Plan the time you want to move and prepare accordingly to avoid unnecessary delay and procrastination.

2. Place items you will need first in clear plastic containers
At your destination, you will immediately need items like scissors, cutters, some eating bowls, and phone charger, etc. so pack these items in clear plastic for easy identification.

3. Acquiring packing boxes
One of the first steps to ensuring an easy move is acquiring packing boxes for your smaller belongings. You can acquire boxes from warehouses, retail outlets, and grocery stores, etc.

4. Labeling your boxes
Labeling your boxes according to their contents is essential for easy identification. So for instance, you can categories the boxes into clothing, jewelry, appliances, kitchen sets, and other accessories. This will reduce future stress when searching for a particular item.

5. Make an emergency luggage
We always wish for the best, but also prepare for the worse. You planned to get to your new destination at a set time, but long traffic and other emergencies beyond your control can prolong that scheduled time. Therefore, having an emergency luggage becomes essential. The emergency luggage can contain your bath set, toiletries, clothes for the evening and next day and other necessities.

6. Sort your items
Don’t just mix up things because you are in a haste. Carefully sort your belongings according to their categories. Sort kitchen items into breakables and unbreakable. That means glasses and plates should be in a separate box and well cushioned to prevent breaking. Pack all the breakable dishes vertically to keep them more secure. Other cooking utensils and unbreakable can be in a separate box.

Also, separate your office dresses from your casual and daily wears for easy access in case you need them. In addition, don’t mix up the belongings of different people. Each member of the family should pack t

heir properties separately. For instance, mommy and daddy’s belongings shouldn’t be in the same place.

As mentioned above, jewelry and other dressing accessories must be in a separate box. Before packing, you can wrap your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in toilet rolls.

7. Keep drawer items in them
Unless you want to discard a drawer, don’t remove the things in them. Instead, lock or wrap them with plastic wrap. Items in your drawers will be just fine when properly wrapped.

8. Keep liquids separate

Avoid staining your belongings with liquids like cooking oil, and soaps among others. Pack all liquids in one box and cover their openings with tapes. Also, note that strongly scented liquids should be packed separately.

9. Discard unused items
As you move to a new place, you may have some stuff that are of no use anymore. They can be old furniture, electronic appliance, or clothes. Don’t bear the burden of transporting those items to your new place. Donate or discard them

10. Ask for help from friends
The best farewell your friends can give you is helping you pack your belongings into your hired truck. This gesture will save you from hiring movers, which comes at a cost. This can also be the time to share memories and receive special and passionate farewells from all loved ones.

Take a photograph
You can’t leave your old home without taking a picture of it. If not for nothing, it will serve as a memory. Don’t forget also to take photographs with your friends and neighbors. Good memories are shared in pictures.

A well-planned move should not bring you undue stress and anxiety. It should instead be one of your fondest memories. Before you even think of moving, prepare and get all your needed materials intact to make the procedure a smooth one.

What is an appraisal?

What is an appraisal?

Being a homeowner comes with legal responsibilities. If you are buying or selling a home, understanding what appraisals are about is an essential part of knowing that you will be getting your money’s worth. Before you decide to purchase or sell your property, you can have it appraised to have a professional basis on how you will be pricing a home or how much you will be investing in a property and if this amount of money you will be shelling out is truly worth it.

What exactly is an appraisal?

Simply put, an appraisal is a written estimate indicating the property’s value in the market. This value is determined by an appraiser and the value of a property is based upon factors such as recent prices of properties within the same category or style, as well as the property’s current condition.

An appraisal will be given by the appraiser, and he or she is considered as the third party who will offer the objective point of view concerning the price of a home. The evaluations will be based on market research, the appraisal’s knowledge of the market, and their overall evaluation of the property in question.

How is the value of a home determined?

There are three standard approaches when it comes to determining the value of a property:

·         Coast approach – Estimates include the cost for repairs and deductions for physical deterioration is given. The land value is added into the equation as well.

·         Comparison approach – Properties of similar size, style, and built are taken into comparison. Quality and location are also compared, and the price will be based on similarities and difference. Deductions or additions can be given for smaller bathrooms, or an additional room, and the likes.

·         Income approach – Generally applicable for properties that are commercially owned, the value of a property is based on the net revenue that the property at its certain location gets to produce.

Why is an appraisal required?

Homes can differ in value, and when there is a lender concerned, an appraisal can be used to determine how much the loan amount should be. Lenders usually do not lend more than the home’s total value, and the value of the appraisal will be used for determining the loan ratios which will be agreeable to all parties.

How is the appraisal performed?

Appraisers are hired for the purpose of giving an objective opinion of a property’s value. They are trained and skilled professionals knowledgeable in the market, and are licensed professionals by the Division of Commerce. These professionals do not deal with valuables, and they usually have a certain liability insurance so that in case accidental property damage occurs during the appraisal, they are covered.

The lender will be the one who picks the appraiser, and that makes them work for the lender and not for the seller or the borrower. Appraisals usually do not take long, and may last only 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the property.

Factors such as the size and age of a home, size or land area of the property, location, home features such as number of bedrooms and baths, architectural features, or major renovations are taken into consideration. A seller can prepare the home for appraisal by making sure all maintenance work is done before the appraiser arrives, and that all is in working order as well.

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