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Virtual Home Buyer Seminar

Virtual Home Buyer Seminar

Join us virtually for an informative Home Buying Seminar. The home buying process from A-Z! Bring your questions, We have answers!

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Secrets To Owning A Home

Secrets To Owning A Home

When you are considering looking for a home, a home buying seminar can provide essential knowledge and advice on managing the home buying process.

Even if you have owned homes in the past, it’s helpful to review the process, terminology and products before you hop back into the market.

And if you’ve never purchased a home before, a seminar can help answer questions, concerns and fears that a lot of homeowners feel when considering the biggest financial transaction of their lives.


Join us on March 21st, where we will go over the home buying process from A-Z!




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The Importance of A Fire Extinguisher and its Location

The Importance of A Fire Extinguisher and its Location

In a lot of situations, fire extinguishers become the first and most powerful line of defence for quickly and effectively extinguishing fires. While these devices are casually overlooked and many are oblivious to their presence, keep in mind, when a fire breaks out, these will help save lives not just property!


In the mind of many business owners and companies, keeping fire extinguishers hanging on the wall, and maintaining them as per standard, is considered as a sunk cost. They don’t think they would ever have to use it. Well, you never know when a fire breaks out.


For more than 600 organizations and commercial structures, the little red cans are the difference between a small fire problem to complete devastation.


Some Helpful Facts of Fire Extinguishers

According to a report posted by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), fire extinguishers are the most single effective source of putting out fires. Placing these devices in different areas in your commercial space or apartment building can provide plenty of life saving benefits.


Fire Extinguishers Are Super Important

In a majority of fire incidents, up to 80%, having a small portable fire extinguisher can help you steer clear of a major fire outbreak. Moreover, it is also reported that up to 60% of all small fires go unnoticed, which is why having an extinguisher is so important, you can easily control the situation and save property and lives.


Fire Extinguishers in Schools and Colleges

You may remember how frequently you had to go through fire drills at your school as a kid. And if memory serves you right, you may also remember how to use a fire extinguisher. The second most important thing after having a fire extinguisher placed at your office or apartment or home is to know how to use it properly. These devices are also the first line of defense against fires in schools and colleges.


Fire Extinguishers May Keep the Environment Safer

While fire extinguishers are effective for putting out small to medium scale fire outbreaks, they also serve another purpose. And that is to keep the environment safe. The extinguisher helps keep all the smoke and burning debris from the fire contained, not allowing it spread out in the open. This in turn helps keep the pollution levels down.

The Best Locations to Keep the Fire Extinguisher

According to the guidelines stipulated by the National Fire Protection Association, it is best to have fire extinguishers placed on all floors of an office and apartment building. When you talk about the inside of your home or apartment, it is better to keep a fire extinguisher handy near the kitchen. As per the US Fire Administration, it was determined that a majority of fires start in the kitchen and go unnoticed. With an extinguisher nearby and handy, you will be able to easily prevent a grease fire from getting out of control.


However, don’t keep the extinguisher near your oven or stove. Hang it near a door close to the kitchen. Furthermore, many house fires take place during the odd hours of the night, which is why it is vital to keep a fire extinguisher in your master bedroom. If you have a small garage, it is a strongly recommended to keep one extinguisher in your garage to prevent fires caused by exposed paint or other flammable materials often found in garages.


Keep these points in mind and do not procrastinate in getting a(nother) fire extinguisher for your home. And learn how to use one if you haven’t already.

Ancient Feng Shui in Today’s Surroundings

Ancient Feng Shui in Today’s Surroundings

The Chinese people have a rich culture and set of beliefs. They have their Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, and Feng Shui falls under Physgiognomy  or observing appearances with the use of calculations and formulas. But what is Feng Shui really?

Understanding Feng Shui

Literally translated, Feng Shui means “wind and water.” In the Chinese culture, both of these elements are associated to one’s good health and fortune. Having good Feng Shui means positive energies while having bad Feng Shui means having misfortunes or bad luck.

It is considered as an ancient art and practice which began in China over 3,000 years ago. The main concept behind Feng Shui is how to balance the energies or Qi which flows in different spaces in order to achieve good fortune and sound health for its inhabitants. This ancient art is based on Taoist beliefs where man seeks to understand nature and that in order to be one, a balance must be achieved with the Qi or energy which flows from the earth itself and the people who are on it. Feng Shui is also governed by the theories related to yin and yang as well as the five Feng Shui elements.

Feng Shui Elements

These elements are earth, air, fire, water, and metal. One of the main goals of Feng Shui is to achieve that desired harmony between the life of a person with its surrounding environment. During the ancient times, Feng Shui practitioners were consulted for the orientation of buildings especially those with religious purposes such as temples and tombs. They would use the stars, the cardinal directions, and also bodies of water to determine how to properly build a building while staying harmonious with the land.

Back in the day, the positioning of various objects in temples, homes, and even the location of graves were calculated based on yin and yang patterns as well as the flow of Qi or energy. Today, these Feng Shui elements are taken into consideration even by interior designers when their clients would ask how to make their homes a more harmonious one to bring more good health and fortune.

Feng Shui in the Home

The elements of Feng Shui are still seen in today’s environment—even the home. To have a Feng Shui home, even the initial building stages are considered, and a Feng Shui practitioner can be asked about how to best orient a house.

Inside a home, the elements of Feng Shui are still present such as metal and wood in furniture, water in the bathroom, or fire in the kitchen. Even the placement of doors is taken into consideration where the flow of Qi is concerned. The balance between these items can be achieved by careful planning and coordination. Should one element dominate a room, it can be balanced out by incorporating another element to neutralize it.

Feng Shui has the ultimate goal of achieving harmony between humans as well as the objects around them in their usual surroundings. Being one with your dwelling certainly won’t be bad as long as you live uninterruptedly.

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