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Every property owner expects maximum profit with the least amount of expenses. However, with today’s market characterized by unpredictability and complexity, the property selling process is becoming more tedious, due to emerging issues such as legal agreements, environmental concerns, and seller disclosure statements. Thus, to succeed in the dynamic real estate business, property owners must adapt to new market demands, which involves strictly following requisite approach to yield maximum returns on investment. These prudent home selling procedures entail:

  1. Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

It is advisable to involve property experts during the home selling process. These professionals possess both technical and financial knowledge of the market. They will provide you with sound

guidance about setting the right sale price, advice on renovations, inspection procedures, and negotiating with prospective homeowners. Besides, these dealers have a ready customer pool that

cuts down on expenses, such as advertising for the property. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure you get the ideal realtor for you:


Seek referrals – The best real estate agents usually stay in the business as a result of previous

satisfied clients. Thus, you need to seek recommendations from the people around you to make

sure that you are hiring the right real estate agent for you.

Check licensing – Real estate agents are required to be licensed in order to operate; thus, it’s

paramount that you make sure that the prospective agent is licensed. You should make sure that

he or she doesn’t have any disciplinary actions or complaints.

Check out current listings – Look up the agent’s listing online, either on their website, or from

other accredited real estate websites. Among the factors to consider, include:






✓ Look at how closely the agent’s listings mirror the property you want to buy or sell.

✓ Are they in the same area?

✓ Is the price range similar?

✓ Does the agent have enough listings to indicate a healthy business, but not so many that you’d just be a number?


  1. Staging Your Home for Buyers

Often the buyers seek the best arrangement in the market. Such deals mean that the property’s general physical condition must match, or slightly exceed, the standards in the neighborhood. The house’s conditions should be mint, with its renovation reflecting the community preferences. Different cosmetic enhancements, such as landscaping, wallpaper, and paint, must be factored in to depict to prospective buyers that they are making sound financial investments. Mechanical repairs must also be done to ensure that common property systems, such as drainage, and electrical installations are working at peak condition.


  1. Setting the Right Asking Price

The property must reflect the dynamics of market demand, meaning that the house should not be overpriced or under priced. Overpricing the property tends to dissuade willing buyers while at the same time, under pricing, also deters buyers because there is an element of suspicion tied to why the house is so cheap compared to prevailing market rates. The property value must consider a range of factors, including the average price of a similar home in the same neighborhood, aesthetics, proximity to social amenities, and attraction of the area.


  1. Accepting an Offer

To determine the best offer, the property owner must evaluate the offered price against the current property value, and if the suggested amount includes surcharges such as land rates, legal fees, property valuation, and transfer of ownership. It is also prudent for the homeowner to consider whether the house is paid for in cash or installments. Buying through a purchase plan is risky because a buyer can default, while an aspect such as inflation affects, the final amount.


  1. What happens after you accept an Offer?

Immediately after accepting an offer, the property owner is mandated to prepare legal documentation outlining terms and conditions for disposing of the house. During this particular phase, forms are prepared and legal agreements signed in the presence of a property attorney. Each party in the transaction maintains a copy of the agreement, and the same document must also be deposited at the lawyer’s office.


  1. What to Expect on the Closing Day

On the final day of the home transaction, the cash is deposited into the bank account, and the property is transferred to the new homeowner. During this particular day, all the negotiations are concluded, legal agreements finalized, and the house is handed over to the new owner. Selling a home is a delicate process, and property owners must follow the proper channels to make the best out of a transaction. Legal and environmental regulations must be strictly adhered to, in order to prevent future disputes from occurring. The seller must be honest with the prospective home buyer on any discrepancy related to the property. However, if the seller is not a seasoned property dealer, the best thing to do is procure the services of a professional realtor, who can advise on the intricacies involved in disposing of property.

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